The seminal work of Graeme Kilshaw was written during the winter solstice period in the year 2012.  You can order a copy of his works directly from him.  The work, entitled "Intel & Spirit" is the Magnum Opus introducing the hidden secrets of the Friendship Cube Alliance Enterprise.

Guardians of the Cosmic Initiation Ashlar
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Graeme Kilshaw writes & speaks.  He is known for his Cosmic Cube spoken word.

Recently Kilshaw took it to the streets with a new Megaphone!

The Friendship Cube is a world renowned teaching tool, with communications and gaming applications being developed through international partners.

The Friendship Cube official lessons are visual tracking, hand-eye coordination, pattern recognition, memory, strategy, communication, navigation, teamwork, literacy, numeracy, and moral lessons through story telling… with this new literacy code comes the ability to tell stories to a larger audiences.think of the potential with the billion dollar interactive gaming industry… Through story telling, we teach moral lessons and values for living a good life.

Physical friendship cubes are recognized by pattern-rec tech webcams. Virtual cubes are controlled through multiple kinds of user interfaces, including EEG technologies for hands-free typing applications.

The code of the friendship cube is called visual binary.  The symbols rotate and combine.

The friendship cube system builds friendship connections, does planned acts of kindness, and operates based upon the principle, "Pay-it-Forward".

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