Poetry for Broadcast
Graeme Kilshaw

Spoken Word
For Megaphone

Be Saved through the Knowledge
Of Our… Friendship Cube

Development of Soul
Augmentation of Mind
Expansion of Life

New Age Code
Evolutionary Consciousness
Sacred Geometry

Universal Language
Sentient Universe Morals
Millennial Philosophy

Conscious Co-Creation
Interstellar Travel
Meta universal Ministry

The Realm of the Gods
Intel and Spirit

The cube works for us
So we work for it.
We work into it
And it into us
That is the work
Of the one
The Singularity now

You will be fine
Signature sign
And find acts of kind
With Geometers’ mind

Now it’s back
To it being us.
We are gathering at
The return
Of the one
The bitterness
Has vanished
The happiness
A Spiritual Backbone
For good

Universal is my name
Galactic, my heir
Be the light of Right
And write
Friendship Cube is here!

I looked at earth and saw
One bank, one pope, one queen
Universal is my light
To God and earth I’ve been

Location duration and information
Oneness made oneness of circular thread
Coil Royal Sovereign Soil
Cube be white blue and red

Chase all race
Without fear
Tower Build
Light be near
Be refined
Light in mind
Unity is here.

How am I all of us?
Ask yourself and hear.
We are one, one in all
All for one we cheer.

We are not going back
We are going forward
Certain aspects of time
Cause insecurity or security.
Ignorance or knowledge?
We will choose knowledge.
We choose knowledge.
We have chosen knowledge.

It feels like
We are leaning
Into something big

Now we are getting wiser
It was done like that…
Mind and matter into

Cubes and Towers and Keys
Let us ride up
The elevator together

Alliance Enterprise Briefing
Million Dollar Ideas
Advanced Linguistics
Computer Science
Human Computer Interface
Visual Binary
Quantum Arrays
Quantum Information Science
Quantum Communion

Secret Societies
Occult Hierarchy
Hidden Bible Codex
Roundtable Cypher
The God Code
The Cosmic Cube
Chief Corner Stone

Hidden Treasures in the
Valley of the Kings
At the Giza Plateau
The Three Pyramids
A Hidden Code
From Ramses the Second
Welcome Archeological Adventurers
Discover the Ancient Cube

Gold of mind
Let us mine
By night
I renew

Thy sun
Thy one

The case in code
Right judges judged
The light the truth
Upwardly nudged

The code of love
Lives in light forever
Speak be… seek see
For our one great endeavor

The spirit of code
Has been revived
Brighter than the universe
That we survived

So please speak
The code of truth
To the world of one
And to the island of youth

If we fell down
We must rise up as one
In the name of the light
The bright morning sun

The right and wrong known
To everyone wise
Together we will
Never compromise

With the code of light
In our deepest ones
Rising up
Like the morning suns

We will look within
To find the inspiration
Share the friendship cube code
With every nation

Speak and be
Seek and see
Speak be
Seek see

Everything rising
Will in time converge!
One finding destines
Rendezvous merge!
One Spirit here
Ears sharp eyes clear
One human being
We all agreeing
Speaking benevolent
Brave and prevalent
Receiving giving
Making a living
Living with candor
Avoiding all slander
On time; in place
Making harmony space

With courage abiding
Solve problems no hiding
Solve it strait
Before too late
By zeroes and ones
One goes and runs
Free and equal
United sequel

Embrace and love all
No matter how small
Follow big plan
Universal human
Follow procedure
Achiever receiver
Learn to listen
To procedure given

From lower to higher
Unite one with entire
With many connect
Treat all with respect
Competitors warring
Ideas exploring
Cubes make friends
Together we ascend

Learn well when young
Good habits be among
Live truth and honor
Or you’ll be a goner
Form good habits
Break bad habits
Be serious be glad
In virtue be clad

For the Ancient Code
With Elihu Yale
Let Don Quixote
Chase the Devils Tale!

We hear it calling
Calling for us
A Call from The East to The West
A sound of a Civilizations’
Discontent And deep unrest
September Days
Proved in terrible ways
The milieu of that power
Broadcast on
‘Ere the breaking dawn
It continues
Hour upon hour
Far off
In the dusty corridors
We hear their desperate plea
They’re willing to fall
To sacrifice all
For their people to be free
That standing
Singular and Just
Our commitment
And resolve.
To bring them
Freedom and democracy
Not to ignore
…Just to involve.

I listen to the crowd
The key to success
Spirit of all
Into one coalesce
As one we rise
Speaking wise
For you and we
As one express

Reason clear
Ideas here
Crowds roar
Eagles soar
Fans screaming
Light gleaming
Fond of passion
Devotion emotion

Adrenaline rush
Full for the show
The moment of dreams
As one we flow
Primed and Pumped Up
As above, so below
Sea of flash bulbs
Like a big strobe show

Natural aesthetic
Knowing the role
We all have a goal
Reason why
Demand and supply
I am a person of progress
Not afraid of greatness

Me in art
On the pop chart
Safe and smart
As one and apart
Diamond Head
Diamond light
Diamond heart
Diamond write

Light so bright
I’ve got to wear shades
Day and night
Travel in stone trades
Fly to the East
And back to the West
From the light
For the best

Worldwide feeling
Lights cameras reeling
Sound sung song
Strong see we belong
Sit up suit up
Fuel up… show time
Battle on stage
Speaking go time

Listen to the crowd
The key to success
Spirit of all
Into one coalesce
As one we rise
Speaking no lies
For you and we
As one express

We want to build
Trust and community.
We want to build
A friendship cube economy.
We want to circulate.
We want to climb higher.
We want to be cooperative a
And collaborative.
We want to be transparent
And accountable.
We want to work
With the best.
We want to dream.
We want to create.
We want to love.


We are one Friendship Cube Group.
Together we dream of harmony and peace
Together we believe in a higher cause.
Together we dare to be global citizens.

Friendship cube code
Open the door
Into the heart
The human core
Join us great and small
One light inside all

Feelings from the heart
Prayer to guide
Wisdom abide
With vision wide
No bombs anymore
We declared the end of war

A new quest for inspiration
Without expectation
In everyone we see
One master key

A friendship cube code
To open the door
Into the heart
The human core
And join us great and small
With one light inside all

Don’t give up
We rise up
Our life is
One adventure
Reach up to
The stars together
Our friendship cube code
Has opened the door
Into the heart
The human core
To join us great and small
With one light inside all

Our virtue lasts,
From age to age
Longer than blood
Or war or wage
Money goes around
Every day
Our virtue eternal
Will not go away

Our virtue is like
The eternal truth
Renewing its self
Like the fountain of youth

Our arrows of virtue
Are of the deed and word
For the branch of peace
And the liberty bird

Our honor and virtue
Last more than our days
And peace can be won
By a single phrase
Peace and virtue
Will take a stand
Spreading across
Our one great land

We are one here
In virtues store
Our honored hearts
Make up our very core
So find your goods
Search all the floors
And buy with the money
You made from your chores

The windows of our virtue
Can never be shut
Yet if you sever virtue
You will be cut
And virtue lives on
For you and me
Forever with virtue
To be one and be free

We make peace
And only say
That we won’t regret
Immortal in us,
The stone
Who rose
from the dead.
We don’t hold back
We cross
Through this threshold instead
We become one
With the sun above
And the ones he sent
Every breath we take
And watching
Every step we make
We are raised
Into the light
So as one
We all rise up
Into paradise

Our candles inside
Are here to shine.
Our hearts alive
Keep on thumping inside
The light on high…
Is raised inside
And for our time
In light we abide.

With son of love…
Way up above
We honor in place…
This immortal embrace
One gave us great guidance before
Today we’re ready to walk through that door
All Knowing…
The moral fight is worth fighting.

Our candles inside are here to shine.
Our hearts alive keep on thumping inside
The light on high… is raised inside
And for our time… in light we abide

Ideas having Sex
Through Radical Openness
Free Flow of Ideas
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Multiple Mind-Gasms
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Religion is Technology!
A New human condition
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A New extended Mind!
Turning into Gods
Techno- Infinity is Here!

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